Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cholesterol Myth

Should we worry about high cholesterol? This article says no. Read it to the end. Surprise! We need cholesterol. It's not the enemy unless the total is over 330.

Dr. Joseph Mercola has given us a very complete rundown on treating high cholesterol. I'm with him all the way. He published the article on his website (http://www.mercola.com/)  in August, 2010. The medical advice we get about cholesterol control is controversial. I have had the discussion with several doctors, consecutively, none of whom recommend this point of view.

Dr. Mercola is not alone. There is a body of literature that is consistent with what he says in this article. Most of what I have read is written by doctors and scientists. At the end of the article is his list of references.

Here is the article's table of contents:

What is cholesterol and why do you need it?
Your total cholesterol is NOT a great indicator of your heart disease risk.
Cholesterol is neither "good" nor "bad."
Cholesterol is your friend, not your enemy.
Vitamin D and your cholesterol.
Cholesterol and inflammation -- what's the connection?
The insanity of lowering cholesterol.
If your cholesterol is too low...
Who decided what cholesterol levels are healthy or harmful?
The dangers of cholesterol-lowering medications.
Are cholesterol drugs even effective?
Zetia and Vytorin: no medical benefits.
How to lower inflammation, and thereby your risk of heart disease, naturally.
How to lower your cholesterol naturally...

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