Thursday, January 26, 2012

Paula Deen's Diabetes

Good Morning America, from ABC, gave an update on television cook Paula Deen's diabetes, by "catching" her eating a cheeseburger while on a cruise, at a party she was hosting. It seems that news reporting has become trivial and invasive. While diabetes is a serious condition, and Deen has appeared several times on television to talk about how it is going with her, this hardly is worth reporting on national television.

The amusing part of this version of Deen's ABC appearance is the comments on the Good Morning America website. As of right now, the news story has 2778 comments -- not bad for non-news. The comments are better than the story. They also confirm my view that news about Deen eating a cheeseburger is not news, although it appears that a lot of people find Deen interesting. I give a sample.

Whoever felt the need to "report" this news needs to be chased around the room being slapped on the back of the head with a fried pork chop. Silly article.

Dear GOD!!! The horror of it all!!! Eating a cheeseburger? I am truly appalled!!! 

Wars, deaths, economic ruin, and we're hung up on what Paula is eating? Get a grip people!

Seriously? This is news? People with diabetes can eat a cheeseburger. Get back to us when she starts mainlining pure cane sugar.

And on and on. Paula Deen may be shortening her life, but it's her business.

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