Thursday, March 22, 2012

St. Dunstan's Library News April

This is my article for the church newsletter.

Here is the latest news from St. Dunstan’s Library. The library is waiting for you, right downstairs and down the hall. It’s open all the time. We have more than a thousand books on various aspects of the faith. With about 350 recent additions, the library has something for everyone.

You may have heard the news about the upcoming retirement of Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury. If you want to know more about him, come to our library. We have Rowan Williams: an Introduction, by Rupert Short, published in 2003. The book covers Williams’ career and evolution as a thinker. If you need still more, try these books by Archbishop Williams: Anglican Identities;   Lost Icons.  Tokens of Trust;  The Truce of God;  On Christian Theology;  Resurrection.

To use the library, just find the book you want. The books are arranged alphabetically by author’s last name. Books with no author (yes, they exist!) are in the alphabetical list by title. The collection is arranged in a few categories, including Bibles and commentaries, nonfiction, arboretum collection, fiction, children’s books, music, DVD and VHS recordings (only a few), and pamphlets and tracts.

After you find a book, check it out. In the notebook on the shelf, write your name, the author and title of the book, and the date you take it. Keep it until you finish and then remember to return it to the designated return shelf. It’s the same shelf where you find the checkout notebook.

Happy reading!

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