Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pumpkin Pie - the Best

It’s the season for pumpkin. Store bought pumpkin pie tastes like straw compared to this, at least for people who like spices in their pie. I made it for the family many times. Easy to make. The hardest part (not very hard) is getting the unbaked pie into the oven without spilling the filling.

Pumpkin Pie

1 ½ cups cooked or canned pumpkin
¾ cup sugar
½ teaspoon salt
½ to 1 teaspoon ginger (I use 1 teaspoon)
1 to 1 ¼ teaspoon cinnamon (I use 1 ¼ teaspoon)
¼ to ½ teaspoon nutmeg (I use ½ teaspoon)
¼  to 1 teaspoon cloves (I use ¼ teaspoon)
3 slightly beaten eggs
1 ¼ cups milk
¾ cup evaporated milk (not sweetened condensed milk)
Pastry for 1 9-inch pie pan (bottom crust only)

Make your pie crust or buy one. I don’t stand behind purchased pie crust, but it seems to suit some people. Don’t bake it until the filling is in it.

Thoroughly combine pumpkin, sugar, salt and spices. Add eggs, milk and evaporated milk. Blend.
Pour it into your 9-inch pastry lined pie pan. Bake at 450 degrees ten minutes, then at 325 degrees for about 45 minutes, or until the mixture doesn’t adhere to a knife.

This recipe is in one of my old cookbooks, the old one that has lost its title page and has many pages coming apart. It’s the best. It is Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook, 1953 loose leaf edition. I revised some of the wording but not the ingredient descriptions.

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