Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Praying Our Way Through Stress - book review

I wrote this book review for my friend June Paul, a Godly woman and friend who has much to share.

June Paul has given us a short book that is filled with Christian wisdom from Scripture. It is designed to bring people through their stress into happier lives with God.  She combines knowledge of various types of stress with stories and verses from the Bible. Her book is the outgrowth of her workshops, where she says people encouraged her to make her information available to a wider audience.  She says, “Part of the good news about the gospel of Jesus Christ is that God wants to help us handle stress and that prayer does work.”  The early part of the book contains short chapters about different stressors, and the later part has some helpful meditations based on the sermon on the mount and the Lord’s prayer.  June Paul gives us a glimpse of people with pain from financial stress, that is based on her work with people.  In addition, the book has useful prayers, poems and songs, some by Ms Paul, and reading resources for continuing assistance. This book is valuable for people living with stress and others who can read it as part of their spiritual journeys.

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