Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Walk on the Hills

Yesterday I had a breezy enjoyable walk along the Military Ridge State Trail, starting in Verona. It’s a good flat former rail bed, so one can walk for a long time without a lot of exertion. Today it was the hilly walk from home to and through the Prairie Ridge Conservation Area. Yesterday the constant breeze modified the effects of the humidity. Today there was no noticeable wind. I thought I had started out early enough to avoid the perspiratory (I think I just invented a word!) (sweaty?) effects of the humidity. No such luck. It was an enjoyable walk anyway.

The way to it goes up the hill on Raymond Road, past the Channel 3 property, left on Muirfield Road and into the little park on the hill. The grass trail behind it then goes through the hilly terrain. The illegal burn there in the spring probably helped the prairie flowers and grasses. They look and smell wonderful.

Walking outside the urban buildup is restorative to the soul. Remember the 23rd Psalm, “He restoreth my soul.” The colorful, abundantly alive country spaces remind us that we don’t own ourselves or the environments we inhabit. When we use them, we can enjoy a little bit of heaven while God restores us.

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  1. I walk the flat parts of the Military Ridge Trail -- starting on PD, Paulson Road or Keithbridge Circle and going west. I love it -- just as the sun gets too hot, I enter the shade. The grandkids haven't outgrown playing Pooh sticks on the wooden bridges. Sometimes I see a muskrat entering its riverbank home -- takes me back to Kenneth Graham in a heartbeat. You are so right, Kathy -- it restoreth by soul.